It's finally here! The TV series we've been hearing about is premiering on Sunday, November 17 and it's going to be great! Why is it going to be great? 

Want to make it an even BETTER experience?
Watch with your RVillage friends!

Imagine this: RVillage Watch Parties all across the country, sharing the premiere experience with fellow RVers. How great is that! But–we need hosts. Gather RVers near you–at your Rig, in your yard, at the community room at your park–put on the coffee and tune in.

It can be as simple as BYOB (coffee, tea or …?). The most important ingredients are fun and friendship! If you want, you could have some fun with a potluck pajama party, a “bring-an-ingredient” breakfast taco/burrito buffet, a bagel bonanza or ask your guests to pitch in for a pile of pastries. Make it easy–make it fun!

We’ll make it easy for you:

  • Hosts get fun RVillage “swag”
  • Every attendee (including the host!) will be entered into a drawing to win a (free) trip to the RVillage Rally to meet the cast in person!
  • You pick the location and your RVillage Get-Together support team goes to work. They'll handle the details, you get all the credit :)

One important requirement: Wherever you’re going to hold your Watch Party has to have a TV that gets Discovery Channel. The show airs in the morning on the 17th so plan to start your party 30 minutes prior to air time so everyone has their beverage of choice and gets comfortable before the curtain rises (we know it's early but that's part of the fun):

Broadcast one–Eastern half of the US:
Eastern time zone:  8:00 a.m.
Central time zone: 7:00 a.m.

Broadcast two–Western half of the US:
Mountain time zone: 9:00 a.m.
Pacific time zone: 8:00 a.m.

Ready and Willing? Let’s get your party started! Fill out the Get-Together form with your name, email address, phone and where you’ll host your Watch Party. The Get-Together Team will take it from there. Invitations, details, and more. Click the link below and let’s go!

We are eager to kick off Watch Parties from coast to coast, but we can’t do it without you!

One last thing–Did you catch the webcast of Curtis chatting it up with the executive producer and cast? If not, you can watch the recording here–get to know the hosts before the premiere!

RVillage Watch Party Planner

RVillage is going to be heavily featured in this debut episode and we all want to watch it together!

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© 2014-2019 RVillage All Rights Reserved